Monday, March 31, 2008

when I'm gone, the whole city miss me

Yesssss. Different Kitchen posted a snippet of the W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E video that is coming soon.

I posted a mixtape last week with the song but if you just want the single:

W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E - Wale

and I love it. The original song is one of the greatest songs to come out last year... words don't even do it justice (no pun intended)

Justice - D.A.N.C.E.

Also there is a Benny Blanco Remix of the song w/ Mos Def and Spank Rock. Can't find an MP3 to upload because I'm at school, so the YouTube will have to do for now...

Wayne - A Millie feat. Corey Gunz

Mariah feat. Cam - Touch My Body - Desert Storm Remix

Mariah feat. Rick Ross and The Dream - Touch My Body Remix

Estelle feat. Kardinal Offishal - Magnificent

(Estelle is at the top of the charts right now. I thought I told ya'll!)

If anybody still downloads instrumentals (you aspiring DJ's you) then this is a nice mix of super current hot songs.

Finally Kanye told me I can now watch the Roots "Get Busy." Yitidee!

Friday, March 28, 2008

mixtape drop

Oh yes, even ?uestlove loves the Carlton! The Roots will be in the building April 5 at the 40 Acres Fest

and if you wanted to learn from Alfonso himself....

Kanye mixtape from Summer '07 that featured some of his G.O.O.D artists that I just found again...

J_a_y - Z - Ain't I

R_e_a_l_l_y Doe feat. K_a_n_y_e - Plastic

B_e_y_o_n_c_e - Beautiful Nightmare

Janet J feat. C_i_a_r_a, Fab, B_u_s_t_a - Feedback (remix)

The Roots - Rising Down feat. Mos D_e_f, S_t_y_l_e_s P

The Roots - Rising Up feat. C_h_r_i_s_e_t_t_e Michelle and Wale

New video for Blu Collar Worker [love.] :

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

somedays I feel geometric

The Gift - Mayda Del Valle
Def Jam Poetry

Folks sometimes ask me why I write
And I reply, well let me break it down for you
If writing became illegal, I'd still beat my words through ball point pens
Onto blue lines like great grandpas beat bone boa rhythms on outlaw drums
If need be, I keep it clandestine and at night time cause poems onto your sleeping eyelids
Commit poetic crimes and be a security breach
Keeping my notebook beyond the grasp of human reach
My lines will pulsate mysterious messages
Be making them tap like heartbeats on the souls of shoes
Keeping my verses like mores code mixed with blues
Singing secret songs over hip-hop tunes
I've heard whispers I might be true to this
Cause I get a paycheck for doing this
So mother f$ckers they never walked a mile in my shoes
So they don't know what it's like to converse at the almond souls
Of ramen birds at midnight
Never moan when I ignore the sounds that tell me I was born to write
My first responsibility is to let my caged words take flight
And not believe the hype that what I say don't make a difference
Stop falling for the false pate
Stop acting like your words thoughts and deeds don't carry real weight in the universe
Vibrations don't call you into date
Don't wait for you to be ready before they take effect
Realize you create your own fate
You walk yourself to heaven's gate
I never wait for my destiny; it's something I make see
I'm getting older, so I got less time to act like I got time to spare
Not a wheel, so I remain entire
Refuse to roll through all life with no aim and I aspire
To a higher goal
Of inspiring those around me
This is not a job, or an occupation
It's a vocation
It's a calling
And I'm replying
The most tough place is this road ahead of me
And I've got to walk it
And maybe one day I'll share this road with the man who loves me
Cause I'm complicated and obstinate
But never compliant
I ain't waiting till I exhale my last breath
Before I realize that my dreams stay recessive, never dominant
Time waits for no man
So I'd be the one running faster and never out of it
And never buying it
Sometimes I feel geometric
So my poems go off on tangents
My soul always flies
But my heart and feet remain firmly planted
Stay like magnets to the earth
Attracted to the place that make me the earth that births me
I can't get to where I want to if I don't know where I'm from
I can't get to where I want to if I don't know where I'm from
So I'm back at the beginning of this poem
It's 2 am
I'm picking up my pen
I'm living again
I'm breathing again

Monday, March 24, 2008

stop, look, stand, and you stuck but don't stick

"stop , look , stand and you stuck but don't stick
come aboard now,
we got the Georgetowns
it's on now
so many phat styles ,
make a kid's head fall out"

-- Raekwon (from "Sneakers" which can be found on this Best of Pete Rock Mixtape)

So if you click the Georgetown link you'll see Nike is re-releasing the Terminators which are the kind of shoes that make me momentarily lose my cool when I see the big NIKE peeking out from under a pant leg. Of course I haven't seen these in years and probably won't because they're being released in Southeast Asia and no one in their right mind would touch the exchange rate right now. Boo. There are some other (Air Tech Challenge II/Air Max95) interesting (Stussy/New Balance CM670--today 16,590 JPY = 165 USD = + shipping means not worth it) releases (Jordan 3's) coming out soon but I'm in conservation mode in case the economy tanks. Unless of course my shoes of choice hit the local sneaker shop...

The 2nd banned Boondocks episode, "The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show" is up but watch it while you can... they get taken down quick. Part 1 is here and Part 2 is in the related videos. If (when) it's taken down let me know if you missed it and I'll find another link:

The first banned episode - "Hunger Strike"

"Hip Hop Just Saved My Life" - Lupe

In other news:

  • US death toll in Iraq hit the 4,000 mark. Check out the NYTimes feature on it with messages from the front, etc. It's moving and important we stay in touch with the realities of the situation. It's so easy to ignore what's going on "over there" and not think about the horrific tragedies that these men and women face every day. What's really scary is the amount of traumatic brain injuries [get familiar.] so many service members suffer while still serving and have to live with for the rest of their lives. The largest group found to be suffering from TBIs are the 21 year olds.
A growing number of U.S. troops whose body armor helped them survive bomb and rocket attacks are suffering brain damage as a result of the blasts. It's a type of injury some military doctors say has become the signature wound of the Iraq war. Known as traumatic brain injury, or TBI, the wound is of the sort that many soldiers in previous wars never lived long enough to suffer. The explosions often cause brain damage similar to "shaken-baby syndrome," says Warren Lux, a neurologist at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington.
  • A 12 year old was arrested for throwing a rock through Souljah Boy's tour bus window and told the officers it was because he "hates Souljah Boy." Don't we all.... click the link to see a pic of T.I.'s family as a bonus. No comment.
  • As the economy gets worse it puts consumers in a position to bargain over prices, even with big box retailers. The guys in that article knocked $1000 off two TV's at Best Buy and do stuff like it all the time. I just bought a camcorder from Circuit City and was able to bring the price down a good amount and get a free bag and tripod because I came in informed and with printouts showing what was available online. It's an underutilized tactic that could save you a good amount of money.
  • Here's the transcript from Obama's speech on race. Kudos to him for addressing the situation. All I'll say (for now) is that for anyone to say Americans are over the race issue is absolutely ridiculous. Also, this hoopla over Rev. Wright is beyond excessive. There is plenty my preacher has said that I didn't concur with 100% and that doesn't change my love and respect for him, my personal beliefs, and least of all my relationship with God. Check the Trinity YouTube Channel for the full sermons to see how much the media manipulated the sermons (which are still admittedly controversial but shouldn't be used against Obama). Also check out the comments on some of those videos - some of the most intelligent commentary I've seen on YouTube to date! Common was apparently raised in the same church and recently stated:

"He never really was against white people or another race," says Common. "It was more against an establishment that was oppressing people. I think we all can see that this country has problems and a lot of it starts in the political system."
"What I picked up from the pews...was messages of love," adds Common. "Anything that was going on against that love he would acknowledge and expose. He's been a preacher that's helped raise one of the greatest political figures in the world, and hopefully, the next President. He's also raised one of the greatest rappers in the world.

  • 2dopeboyz posted this Official A3C Mixtape from HipHopDX which promises to be hot just from the tracklisting. That W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E. is worth the download in itself, so add Little Brother, C.R.A.C., Tanya Morgan.... you get the picture.
  • If you've been paying attention you know I love me some Blu (solely in a musical fashion of course). HipHopDX just posted this interview today with him. I haven't read it all yet but I thought I'd throw it up anyway. Yitidee!

“If I give you a leaf or a pearl that you trample in the dust, then I am sorry. I give them to you because I want to. It is my gift — or offering — to you; you do with it as you wish.” -Alice Coltrane

happy easter!

I hope everyone got a chance to thank their God for Easter and the miraculous resurrection today if that's at a part of your beliefs and spent some time throwing down this weekend with loved ones. I'm neck deep in catching up with school and dance but I figured I'd throw a few Easter eggs out there for those interested...

+ tracklisting + review+source

That'll do. Not a lot has been going on as far as good music so I might just start posting great throwback CD's or something. I also need to update on the economy for the few of you who I know aren't paying attention ;). Hug your people and tell them Happy Easter in the meantime.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

throwback tuesday

We all love to go around talking about how trash today's music is overall, how the quality is down, hip-hop is dead, we're tired of women as objects and all that jazz. Everyone proclaims their disgust with music videos today and who can remember the last time one had a crazy new concept or storyline? Where's the art?

We're being hypocritical. In reality, and you know it's true, some of the best, most entertaining videos and songs have no concept, no higher level thinking, and often no respect. What makes these songs any better than that latest [insert rapper name here] video that looks and sounds just like his previous 10? Is it because we grew up with this music and there is a certain nostalgia associated with it? Will the kids of this generation think of Lil Wayne (edit: or D4L, Souljah Boy, etc.--I am not discrediting Dwayne Carter Jr.'s lyrical finesse) like we (I) think of Criss Cross?

Really I just wanted to post some of my favorite old school joints and realized that they had no purpose yet they were still So.Tight. So without further a due....

Criss Cross - Jump

69 Boyz - Tootsee Roll

Tag Team - Whoomp There It Is! --- Remember the whole Whoot vs. Whoomp phenomenon? That article is from 1993. This was the summer after 1st grade. Wow at my music choices. I can remember everyone coming up and asking which one you liked better. It was a big deal. I feel like we came to the consensus that Whoomp was the better song but there were always dissenters. And don't let someone mix up Whoot and Whoomp when singing -- your classmates would jump in and tear you up. I still remember my parents trying to be hip and asking me about the song and singing it. Good times.

Quad City DJ's - Space Jam

Fat Pat - Tops Drop

Monday, March 17, 2008

easy like sunday morning pt 2

Mystery surrounds football star's murder

09:35 PM CDT on Monday, March 17, 2008
By Jeff McShan / 11 News

HOUSTON -- Courtney James was one of the best running backs in Bellaire High School history. In his senior year, he rushed for nearly 1,000 yards.

He was all-district, heavily recruited and full of life.

A life that -- at the age of just 21-- is now over.

11 News has learned a body found dumped three weeks ago at the far end of Staples Street was Courtney James. The medical examiner confirmed his identification through fingerprints.

At Bellaire High, the news of James' death is spreading fast.

Hundreds of people have been commenting on the tragic murder and sending condolences to the James family on social Web sites, like Facebook.

“He's been into people since he was small. He'll talk to you, he'll talk to everybody,” said his mother Faye. “That's why I don't understand. It is really, really puzzling.”

Monday afternoon, crime scene tape still marks the spot near the railroad tracks - where James’ body was found.

Police say he had been shot.

Holding back tears Ms. James says she needs some answers.

“That's all I want. I promised that to him, promised that to him and we just need some closure,” she said.

Ms. James, said there is a lot of chatter going around, some people are talking. And with a $5,000 reward now offered, perhaps the talk will lead police to the killer or killers.

original KHOU article with video and pictures

Anyone with information on the murder of Courtney James should call (713) 222-8477.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

trying to see, ain't nothing in sight

New evidence has surfaced in Tupac's death. 15 years later? Really? That just proves to me that the powers that be are holding out and this just puts more flame behind conspiracy theories. On Monday you can go to for the full(er) story. Stop the Violence.

DMX had an interview with XXL that was published Friday. He's definitely in a league of his own. Make sure to check it out - well worth your time. When asked about the whole election biz:

Are you following the presidential race?
Not at all.

You’re not? You know there’s a Black guy running, Barack Obama and then there’s Hillary Clinton.
His name is Barack?!
Is that why you’re not following it?
No, because it’s just—it doesn’t matter. They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do. It doesn’t really make a difference. These are the last years.
It gets crazier from there. Read about the time he started a prayer circle outside of 106 & Park here. Bless his soul.

Mariah just debuted a new song with T-Pain on SNL and he literally hopped out like the Mad Hatter with a cane and top hat. Hmmm.... I mean... I get that you got the Midas touch (see his latest mixtape) and all but let's not get too eccentric. MC looks fantastic though.

  • Paris Hilton has a new reality show to find a new best friend. Will the madness ever end?
  • That Spitzer chick is making hundreds of thousands so far off her trash music. I refuse to link/support.
  • Girls are smarter than boys. Don't blame me, blame science.
  • Bear Stearns is the first big investment firm to need a direct bailout. Bad news. I don't care how much money the Fed puts into the economy - it won't do insure that investors don't lose confidence at the first sign of bad news. Meanwhile President Bush is in his own world and feels secure about the state of the economy.

B_u_n B. - Dey Know Freestyle

The R_o_o_t_s feat. S_t_y_l_e_s P, M_o_s Def, and Dice Raw - Rising Down

R_i_h_a_n_n_a - Take a Bow (radio cut)

Buckshot and 9_t_h Wonder feat. T_a_l_i_b K_w_e_l_i - Hold it Down

The G_a_m_e - Big Dreams

M_a_r_s_h_a Ambrosius feat. The G_a_m_e - What's Going On

this treadmill lifestyle ain't workin for me

"one two it don't stop, out of town on a quick escape, hoping to have a chance to slow it up and hit the breaks, and slow it down ...."
- Phonte

So I finally got all my pics uploaded on the computer from Spring Break and I'm back in the ATX. By the way, SXSW is going on and I got a chance to go see Kweli, Jean Grae, and Ice Cube -- for free! Gotta love this city. Anywho, I thought I'd highlight the brightest parts of my trip in case you're ever in the D.C. area and want to get a different spin on the city...

First up is Busboys and Poets - a lounge downtown that was absolutely incredible. One of my favorite people in the whole wide world came and picked me up from my digs in Maryland and we went to this bookstore/lounge/bar/restaurant that served great food and had a crazy diverse crowd. We sat in the back room (pictured below) which had an amazing mural on the wall - the picture doesn't do it justice - and was more private than the bar area. The name of the place is a nod to Langston Hughes which you can read more about on their site. Definitely make this a priority on your next trip. I also attended a day of classes at Howard. The historical architecture was breathtaking and we made it a point to explore the Founder's Library. There is a hidden museum in there with photographs and documents tracing the school's history back from present day to its founding in 1867. Most of my time was with Howard students and they were all really cool too and inviting and all that. Plus they know how to throw a mean house party.

Later that day another friend came and gave me a driving tour of the city. Georgetown is like a whole other world and I would've never known it was there because I had just been riding around on the subway. We saw M Street (shown), Georgetown U and all that. The houses are all built shotgun style and it's more colorful than a pack of crayons. I felt like I was walking around in a movie.

In addition we did all the stuff on the National Mall -- the Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian, Capital, memorials, etc. The whole city was just dripping with history from the house parties to the streets. I couldn't have asked for a better "inaugural" trip to D.C.

K_a_n_y_e West feat. W_a_l_e - Good Life (DC Remix)

W_a_l_e - Eye No D.C.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008 searchin' tryin' to find a rainbow

Classic. I'm definitely looking to reup on Midnight Star albums. I'll post if I ever find em.

W_a_l_e f. B_u_n B & P_u_s_h_a T - “Back in the Go-Go”
Wale just signed a deal and should be announcing with whom (who? whom?) tomorrow. He also has a Seinfeld mixtape coming out - a mixtape about nothing. Ha.

Devin the Dude just released his first mixtape since leaving Rap-A-Lot after 14 years. He's going to be in Austin tomorrow night for SXSW at the Scoot Inn, Houston on 4/24 at Bar Rio and again in Austin 5/10 at Ruta Maya Cafe.

D_e_v_i_n the Dude - Smoke Sessions Vol 1

Flo-r_i_d_a - Mail On Sundays (edited)

S_h_e_e_k Louch - Silverback G_o_r_i_l_l_a

So I took a day to sit around and catch up on school work and TV and I must say that America's Best Dance Crew on MTV is tight. It might have to do with the kind of dance that is applicable to my life but I saw this performance and was blown away. It was beyond sick - to the point where I had to find it and watch it again... skip to like 1:20 if you don't care to watch all the jibber jabber in the beginning...

Mos Def was interviewed recently and asked about politics, etc. What's really going on with the thrones? Ol' Fresh Prince lookin... Part 3 of the interview is comedy where he speaks on Roger Clemens

In the news...

....Spitzer resigned and the chick he got caught up with is all over the news. She's an "aspiring artist." What's sad is she'll probably get a lot of recognition off of this too - if it works for them girls off Flavor of Love, etc this will probably work too. Save the Music.

....Rockets made history tonight as they hit 20-0 and have the 2nd longest winning streak in league history. Yessir! Even the commentators and fans in Atlanta were all hyped. McGrady made a 3 towards the end and my entire family literally jumped out of their seats. Clutch City baby!

....Mimi is hosting SNL this week for the first ever. w00t!

....The US Comptroller General David Walker resigned because he wants to work in the private sector to help fix the American financial problem. Read this article. Seriously. It speaks to the issues I raised in the last post when I said America is going to have to face the music at some point no matter how much money we pour into the economy. Can you imagine a day when the American government's credit rating is downgraded? What the!? And what kind of government are we running where those in power leave so that they can have better resources and make a bigger difference for the government. Backwards?

....Geraldine Ferraro, still unapologetic, resigned from Clinton's campaign because of the public outcry over her racist and ignorant comments.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

hell in a handbasket

Things that I'm not impressed with:
  • Eliot Spitzer. Trash. The governor of NY was recently busted for soliciting a prostitute during a Federal wiretapping investigation. Keep it in your pants and realize you're a role model with a reputation to uphold. Especially when you're considered the poster boy for anti-corruption. What public figures do in their private lives is their business to a limited extent, I understand, but when you start messing with public funds and publicly and irreparably damaging your family then you don't deserve respect or power. Getthatouttahere.
  • U.S. Federal Reserve. The Fed is coordinating with other central banks to inject $200 billion into the markets as a bona fide bailout. Please. I'm all for financial stability (obviously) but the world, Americans especially, need a wake up call. Speculation is running rampant and greed is taking over. At some point we're going to have to pay. I don't care how much money you put in to cushion the fall, at some point the numbers mean nothing. What is $200 billion anyway? Especially when estimates for total future damages surpass that by a minimum of $50 billion. It'll do a lot to soften the blow though so I support Bernanke for that but it still doesn't get at the root of the problem. They also have this whole good debt for bad debt trading system getting set up which is necessary because if no one can get their debt off the books and the debt is literally worthless then we'll just be stuck here forever. Accounting majors stand up! Has anyone heard from The Oracle aka Greenspan? He's been uncharacteristically out of the picture...
  • Oil/gas prices. Why, why, why?! I was going to insert a graph here but for what? You know what it looks like. Bush recently went over and asked OPEC to increase production in order to lower prices (think back to your first econ class...) but they basically said, "No way, Jose" because they said production isn't where the problem is:
"OPEC rebuffed its top consumer, arguing that the world was well supplied with oil and blaming financial speculators and mismanagement of the United States economy for the current high prices."
It seems like the entire world is fed up with the shakiness and instability associated with American financial markets and strategies that have spread across the world. This great editorial from Arab News really drives home the point of how (at least some) Middle Easterners view the situation. We need a resolution.

If all this makes you want to go build a bomb shelter in your backyard, never fear: lots of new music dropped while I was in D.C... load up the ipod and get to building


pw: dilina

Lil W_a_y_n_e feat. S_t_a_t_i_c Major - Lollipop

3_6 Mafia - I'd Rather + Spitzer Edition Video

R_o_c_k_o - Umma Do Me

The R_o_o_t_s feat. Patrick S_t_u_m_p - Birthday Girl

L_u_p_e feat. J_e_e_z_y and T.I. - Superstar (remix)

Tanya Morgan feat. Naledge - You Should Know (seen at Nahright)

Blu - It's Okay (Part 1) feat. Myth and Definite (from 2dopeboyz)

seen over at TSS:

bittersweet - dj neil armstrong

This deserves its own post - click the album cover. I downloaded this mix over a year ago maybe around v-day and it just randomly popped up over at The Couch Sessions. When I tell you this is my favorite mix of all time it still doesn't do it justice. If I had to pick a prepackaged soundtrack for my life this would (and is... i listen to it all the time) be it. The mixing is impeccable and the selections are beyond classic. Get it. Got it? Good.

Review from RapReviews

TSS Interview with DJ Neil Armstrong


I. Boy Meets Girl

01 My Cherie Amour - Stevie Wonder
02 Shake You Down - Greg Abbot
03 Don't Look Any Further - Dennis Edwards
04 Kiss Of Life - Sade

II. Patiently Waiting

05 Let's Wait A While - Janet Jackson
06 Very Special - Debra Laws
07 Lady In My Life - Michael Jackson
08 Tenderoni - Bobby Brown
09 Love's Holiday - Earth, Wind & Fire
10 Sweet Thing - Rufus & Chaka Khan
11 Don't Go - En Vogue

III. Til The Breakadawn

12 Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye
13 Close The Door - Teddy Pendergrass
14 Sweetest Taboo - Sade
15Ooh La La - Teena Marie
16 I Like It - El DeBarge
17 Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye
18 Tainted - Slum Village

IV. Every Waking Moment

19 Golden Lady - Stevie Wonder
20 Electric Relaxation - A Tribe Called Quest
21 For The Love Of You - Isley Brothers
22 All I Do - Stevie Wonder
23 Break For Love - Raze

V. Pain

24 Heard It Through The Grapevine - Marvin Gaye
25 Where Is The Love - Donny Hathaway & Roberta Flack
26 After The Love Is Gone - Earth Wind & Fire
27 Lately - Stevie Wonder
28 A Dream - El DeBarge
29 All Cried Out - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
30 Ex Factor - Lauryn Hill
31 Saddest Day In My Life - Wayne Wonder
32 One Step Ahead - Aretha Franklin
33 Missing You - Diana Ross
34 She's Gone - Hall & Oates
35 She's Out Of My Life - Michael Jackson

VI. Letting Go, No Holding Back

36 I Love You - Mary J. Blige
37 Before I Let Go - Frankie Beverly & Maze

VII. Back In The Saddle

38 The Beat Goes On - The Whispers
39 Rocksteady - The Whispers

Monday, March 10, 2008

because hatred is too hard to bear

It’s Not a Just Situation:
Though We Just Can’t Keep Crying About It
(For the Hip Hop Nation
That Brings Us Such Exciting Art)

By Nikki Giovanni

You don’t
Just wake up and brush your teeth and make up your bed
and put on your favorite pair of blue jeans

You don’t
on other evenings
Just sneak away from your sleeping lover
Just to grab a bite of Quik Stop
Just to hop a train

You don’t
Just visit the 24 hour superstore
Just to get a few cans
of spray paint
Just happen to have a case to put them in

You are not
Just out of yellow
So you’ll
Just shadow with grey this time
Just shy of metallic blue you will
Just fill in with electric orange

You are not
Just bored
Or hungry or silly or
Just crying for attention

You are
Just, if there is a
Trying to be an artist

You are
If there is any
Trying to find a way of not
Just surviving but living

You are just
trying to show the beautiful soul of your people
You are just
trying to say “I’m alive”
You are just
determined to be more
than what the powers who
Just hate the idea of you want you to be

You are just
trying to discover the route
of the neo underground railroad
so that your kids can
Just be free

You are just
being a man
You are just realizing
your womanhood
You are just singing and smiling
because you
Just don’t want to cry anymore

You are just
falling in love
because hatred is too hard to bear

You are just
to be the very best you and
You just guess
you better not let anyone take that away

You are just
a person
with a big heart and wonderful talent
That you just
think should be shared

Put a button on it

‘cause suspenders

Sunday, March 9, 2008

and what I loved most she had so much soul

Out in D.C. for a few days so all the updating won't be as steady. Luckily I got the internet to work - I was completely disconnected for a couple of days. It's slightly brisk and a little rainy sometimes but for the most part my girls at HU and I are living it up. I've never been up here before and it's amazing. Literally every time you come up out of the subway it's a new world - and it's all soaking in history which is the kind of thing I live for.

Skill_z feat. C_o_m_m_o_n - So Far So Good

T_a_l_i_b Kweli feat. Joell Ortiz and Blu - Hostile Gospel (remix)

+ if you haven't seen the original video, take some time out. It was filmed in Nigeria and is holy ghost powerful.

Can I Speak to Biggie - 50 C_e_n_t, Bizzy Bone, Maino, Chingy, Bobby Valentino, etc.
which promises to not be nearly as outstanding as one would wish based on the lineup

M_a_r_i_a_h Carey feat. The D_r_e_a_m - Touch My Body (remix)

W_a_l_e feat. B_u_n B - Go Mode - apparently unfinished

Facebook recently made headlines with development of a music platform to compete with the whole MySpace digital music phenomenon. You can read about it here and here. It's going to be hard for Facebook to find a niche in this market but the same thing was said about social networking. It'll make a big difference if they partner up with Apple. It seems Facebook could capitalize on their market though because I'd say the majority of my friends use Facebook and have moved away from the virus and advertising frenzy of Myspace. I don't just use MySpace like that but I know plenty who do at least sparingly and who regularly check artists' music pages. Mark Zuckerberg must know what he's doing - he was recently named the world's youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes.

Different Kitchen had a nice collection of articles recently about "Who really has the most foreign policy experience?" In reality these major political questions are pretty scary. No matter who gets in the White House (which I saw yesterday!) will have to face difficult issues that no one has ever dealt with before and things will most likely get worse before they get better. How can you really be sure that whoever you pick is the best person for the job? You can't. It's exhausting to think about. In other news: Mariah and Jay-Z recently endorsed Obama.

'Ye has a new video in the works for Homecoming which I've loved since the verse was featured on the "Home" from the Get Well Soon Mixtape. Some pics leaked which look promising - more so than the last one which wasn't nearly as cool as he thought it was.

For anyone who missed the obit in the paper, they laid Courtney to rest yesterday afternoon. I appreciate everyone coming together to support each other, it's tragically beautiful and we couldn't make it otherwise.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

give peace a chance

The morning news told me Hillary won Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island while Barack got Vermont yesterday. Technically Barack won the caucus in Texas and Hillary won the primary - with 51%... not a "turning the corner" victory if you ask me. A candidate needs 2,025 delegates to get the nomination. Barack is ahead (barely) with 1,520 and Hillary with 1,424. (FYI Ron Paul has 5). Interestingly enough Austin, Houston, and Dallas all went for Obama in the primary:

It's close however you want to spin it. Hillary said she wasn't going to drop out no matter what happened yesterday and, regardless, I think it can't hurt to have some suspense in the next couple of months. You might as well get comfortable because they're going to duke it out until convention time. Huckabee dropped out finally in the Republican race and McCain received Bush's official endorsement today which probably hurt him more than it helped. Yeah, I said it.

In other news, Senator Karen Johnson in Arizona is trying to get a bill passed that allows concealed weapons on university campuses in Arizona. See the article here. Several other states are considering similar bills in light of the recent campus shootings. I'm not going to get into my personal views on gun control, mainly because I can see both sides. However, I will say I'm not comfortable with everybody and their mama walking around UT with a gun in their oversized tote bag. I don't know you maaaan.

1. The woman calls herself a "right-wing wacko." No ma'am. I'm going to need for you not to talk about gun control if you're a self-described "wacko."

2. The picture associated with the article shows the woman posing by her file cabinet that is plastered with bumper stickers advocating gun control in a tasteless way. "Keep Honking... I'm Reloading" isn't funny... at all... I actually knew a guy who was in the back of a car with 2 of our mutual friends leaving an apartment complex when a car blocked the exit and they honked. Dude in front of them literally just shot the car and hit Doc in the neck. (See the article) Maybe in Arizona they don't have those kinds of issues but I feel like this woman needs a quick tutorial on the effects of gun violence and some sensitivity training while she's at it.

3. Y'all know how unbalanced college students are. I'm actually an irrational person during finals as is everyone around me. Tensions run high and people get cut throat - especially in the B-school. Let's not give Billy even more of a reason to bring his shotgun to class. True, the Northern Illinois University murders could have been stopped had a person in the classroom had a gun, but is the answer really to give every person the ability to get a gun? Johnson originally wanted the bill to include all campuses, including elementary. Come on. I feel like we should step up our mental health intervention techniques and procedures before we start passing out guns in the cafeteria. The article quotes a supporter of the bill that said basically "don't use a gun unless you're willing to kill someone." Tensions are too high around campus for people to be walking around with guns. I'm liable to shoot someone for having their headphones on full blast in the library when I'm clearly focused.

4. In reality, the people who would want a gun probably already have them. When was the last time you were searched on campus?

It takes a lot for me to get excited about shoes these days and finally Nike is coming out with some (re)releases with colorways that I can jive with. Unfortunately, because too many people got greedy with sub-prime mortgages and financial derivatives, now these shoes would cost me just about $220 (not worth it) because the dollar is so ridiculously low and these are only in Euro prices as of yet. Cursed floating exchange rates! (peeped @ HighSnobiety)

These are a little much in the way of patterns/colors but I have an inexplicable affinity for shoes with pictures. It doesn't make sense, yet it's So. Tight.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

it's super tuesday! go vote.

Today we'll just hit you with a few brief snippets. Tuesdays are my long days and I'm supposed to be doing more scholarship essays right now but my soul is tired and I don't feel like it.

J_a_y-Z feat. Mary J. - You're Welcome

M_a_r_i_a_h feat. Bizzy Bone - Touch My Body (official remix)

A_n_t_h_o_n_y Hamilton feat. G_h_o_s_t_f_a_c_e Killah - Do You Feel Me (remix)

The D_r_e_a_m feat. Jeezy - I Love Your Girl (remix)

Fat J_o_e - That White

R. K_e_l_l_y - I'm a Beast (rumored to be a Ne-Yo diss)

U_s_h_e_r feat. J_e_e_z_y - Love In This Club Which was originally tight until I really started listening to the lyrics. I don't know if you've ever seen people actually going at it in the club but it is NOT appropriate. Just nasty. People need to get their lives together. The beat goes hard though...

A lot of the above were found from DJ EMI who has a lot more up that I'm not going to upload. I found him by googling which in my experience is how people are getting shut down quick. Hence the "_" between names so we can avoid that if possible - harder to search for the songs from google.

SneakerFreaker had these new NB's up. Love. New Balance has been coming out with some really progressive stuff right now - a lot of it too progressive (read: expensive) for my taste. I'd rock these tough though.

I haven't had a chance to follow the news in the past couple of days but over here it's all about the election anyway. Keep your eyes on CNN (or the internet if you don't have cable...) tonight to see the results. Whatever happens is guaranteed to be interesting.

The Iraq war is projected to cost a total of $2 trillion?! In my econ class the number that we work for with the U.S. GDP (a measure of the total income in the nation) is $10 trillon - although it's just over $13 trillion realistically. If I had more time I'd compare how much Vietnam, WW2, etc cost the US relative to GDP at the time but since I don't I'll just say $2 trillion is a ridiculous amount. Beyond ridiculous. Disgusting.

Monday, March 3, 2008

...and we keep it moving like soul II soul

So I got a bad case of the Mondays today and really don't feel like doing anything. I think it's crazy how resilient we expect the human spirit to be - whatever happens, just keep it moving. I guess that's all you really can do, but sheesh. Sometimes you just want to curl up in bed and disappear, but society (and especially Corporate America :/ ) doesn't deem it acceptable. Spring Break is just around the bend though so I'm actually thanking God for that. I need it if I've ever needed it before. I thought the tee up top adequately described how I'm feeling as I sit here in this library trying hard to not be mad at the world - especially since winter came back today. Smoking Section had another one up today that I thought funny and which No. 1 will probably like...

The morning brought another leaked song from Gnarls Barkley. ?uestlove with his silly self leaked it. (read his write up on the youtube page and if you're even remotely amused subscribe to his updates -true quality)

Also brand spanking new is a song by everyone's favorite voice manipulators Akon and T-Pain:

Badu had a great article in the NYTimes this weekend entitled, "The Mind of a One-Woman Multitude." Worth reading - especially since Badu really doesn't usually give a lot of insight behind what makes her tick. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Seven and Puma are the all time greatest kid's names I've ever heard. You can preview her new album (which is fire!) here (MF). Links are going down fast though so get it while you can. Also, if you get down with all that digging in the crates biz (which I do...) DJ Big Texas has a mixtape out called "The Essential Elements of Erykah Badu."

Mini Album Drop:

+ 2 Bonus Tracks

+ Smoking Section's review

Re-release featuring 'Ye, Akon, Fergie, etc...
+ Bonus Track

TOMORROW is Texas' own Super Tuesday. Rock the Vote and all that jazz. Recent candidate news:

  • After the Don Imus incident, Obama came out and made some comments on the whole situation. Russell Simmons, everyone's favorite (right.) hip-hop mogul, basically went public and spoke out against Obama's comments. Well every news outlet and their mama is reporting that Russell Simmons has decided to endorse Obama. He actually never said he didn't support Obama - but whatever. I would rather hear what Ms. Fabulosity thinks.
  • Bill and Chelsea attended Lakewood Church in Houston as some sort of stump for Hillary. I'd rather we not mix Jesus, the super-size-me church, and political campaigning, but hey that's just me. Is anybody planning on dropping by WUMC, a church for all people where there's enough love to go around? No? I'm not impressed.
  • His airness, Obama:

  • There was an article maybe a week or so ago basically voicing people's concerns about Obama's safety as far as assassination fears and his likeness in the public's eye to JFK. It's an interesting read if you get a chance but basically people pray over Obama's safety and worry about him and he says he has the best security detail available and has for some time now. So what's going on in Dallas where they stopped screening weapons at a recent rally? We've got to do better.
  • Myspacers have spoken - According to an internet poll of Myspace users - if they could vote - Obama's ahead in Ohio and Clinton is barely ahead in Texas. I don't put a lot of weight behind these polls. There's something called the Bradley effect which basically says people might say whatever before they vote but when it comes time to hit the button they can't get over their issues. Tom Bradley was a black candidate for the governor in CA during the '80s who was widely projected to win and ended up losing on election day. Still, these polls show Hillary jumped the gun a bit by telling Obama to, "Meet me in Texas."

Finally, a recent study shows that teens aren't buying CD's like they used to. Half of the teenagers surveyed didn't buy CDs last year. Hmmm...really though? I'm pretty sure I bought a CD last year...I think...?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

easy like sunday morning

Courtney called me one day and told me that he and his friends had spent the morning listening to "Easy Like Sunday Morning"....for hours on repeat. I laughed at the time because of his fanatical love for the song but that's the type of chill (and sometimes ridiculous) person Courtney was. He was an absolute star as long as I knew him and you either met him and became best friends or you hadn't met him yet. He transcended cliques and charmed everyone with his humor and mischievous smile. I would see him in the club one night and the next day could run by and kick it with his grandma and watch "Good Times." He knew everybody - white, black, skater, hiphop, whatever - and everyone respected his awesome potential.

Courtney was found shot multiple times Friday morning. The world will actually never be the same. There is a indescribable pain there now that is perhaps just as enraging as it is depressing. It's so easy to accept someone even if they fall in with the wrong crowd and love them despite their choices. That's not enough. We've lost too many of those close to us to keep that mindset. We have to love them enough to voice our concerns and the realities of the situation. It's time to grow up and stop trying to chase short term plans that line pockets for a few weeks at best. It's feeding your soul for a day when we need to be metaphorically teaching it how to fish for a lifetime. Whatever, you get the point. It's all going to crash down one day, I don't care how in control you are.

As far as I've heard no one knows anything concrete about what went down. The Houston Chronicle had an article asking for more information:

"Houston police are investigating the fatal shooting of a man whose body was found lying beside the road in the 1900 block of Staples about 7:40 a.m. Friday.

The man, who has not been identified, had been shot several times, police said.

He is described as a black man between 19 and 25 years of age. He was wearing black jeans, a black jacket and white tennis shoes.

He was found where the road ends at railroad tracks, police said.

A man who found the body told a nearby school crossing guard, who called 911. Paramedics pronounced the victim dead.

Police ask anyone with information on the victim's identity in this case to contact the Houston police at 713-308-3600 or CrimeStoppers at 713-222-TIPS"

"He was found where the road ends at railroad tracks?" How do you come to grips with something like that? If you hear anything call somebody and let them know. This ain't a game. Stay prayed up, hug your mama, and tell your friends you love 'em. Don't take a moment for granted and in Courtney's words, "Carpe diem."

Saturday, March 1, 2008

saturday linkage

Quick updates, a little linkage, and a thought here and there...

First off if you haven't heard it yet check out the new mix of an old hit -- Common - The Light 2008 (via Real Talk NY). More than worth it.

The new Snoop is out here (MU) and here (RS). Get at me if you need a crash course in working with the glorious rar file.

Fat Joe's new album (mixtape?) just dropped. Preview it here (MF). Not a huge Joey Crack fan but occasionally he might have a banger.

If you saw any part of the Grammy's this year you had to have seen Kanye West's electric performance. had a piece about the Nikes 'Ye had on. Apparently they're going to be released in the future. Leave it to Kanye to pull this (dramatic) stunt. We get it. You're still on that "this ain't out yet." You heard about him during Fashion Week?

In the rest of the world -

NYTimes looked at the Kenya situation through another lens. Their tourism industry is apparently suffering immensely and that's detrimental to the lives of men, women, and their families who rely on it as their livelihood. The footage shown is amazing (especially of the elephants!) but who's really going to jump at the chance to visit the nation when it's in violent turmoil? Hopefully the arrangement worked out will bring confidence back to tourists.

Prince Harry was brought back from Afghanistan this week because the powers that be thought he'd become a prime target. What? You say you didn't even know he was over there? The press kept it mum for 10 weeks. I don't know what's more amazing - that they took 10 weeks to go through the motions before bringing him back or that the notoriously aggressive press kept it quiet that long. I do respect the 3rd in line for the throne (hold on to that dream Vannessa!) for getting his hands dirty and going over there. I support the troops! Not the war!

I hope you're keeping your eye on the American economy. All of my economics and finance teachers are starting to sound pretty gloomy and that's a huge red flag for me. They're usually the ones touting the markets and saying things aren't nearly as bad as they sound in the press. We're talking a lot about the dual recessions in the '70s and all the factors that led to them because there are so many parallels between now and then. Stay aware and be wary of market speculation right now... at some point I'll break down some of the indicators, but let's stay upbeat for now.

21st birthday shout-out to Phat Kat in Spain.
¡Feliz cumpleaƱos Kateri!

The Wiz
turned 30. Wow. I love this movie. I watched it recently with a group of friends and you either GET IT AND LOVE IT or think it's kind of scary and are not into it. However, all present agreed the producers were on some heavy influences during filming. SoulBounce has a funny salute.

This is wrong on so many levels. The woman behind the camera is NOT helping.