Tuesday, March 18, 2008

throwback tuesday

We all love to go around talking about how trash today's music is overall, how the quality is down, hip-hop is dead, we're tired of women as objects and all that jazz. Everyone proclaims their disgust with music videos today and who can remember the last time one had a crazy new concept or storyline? Where's the art?

We're being hypocritical. In reality, and you know it's true, some of the best, most entertaining videos and songs have no concept, no higher level thinking, and often no respect. What makes these songs any better than that latest [insert rapper name here] video that looks and sounds just like his previous 10? Is it because we grew up with this music and there is a certain nostalgia associated with it? Will the kids of this generation think of Lil Wayne (edit: or D4L, Souljah Boy, etc.--I am not discrediting Dwayne Carter Jr.'s lyrical finesse) like we (I) think of Criss Cross?

Really I just wanted to post some of my favorite old school joints and realized that they had no purpose yet they were still So.Tight. So without further a due....

Criss Cross - Jump

69 Boyz - Tootsee Roll

Tag Team - Whoomp There It Is! --- Remember the whole Whoot vs. Whoomp phenomenon? That article is from 1993. This was the summer after 1st grade. Wow at my music choices. I can remember everyone coming up and asking which one you liked better. It was a big deal. I feel like we came to the consensus that Whoomp was the better song but there were always dissenters. And don't let someone mix up Whoot and Whoomp when singing -- your classmates would jump in and tear you up. I still remember my parents trying to be hip and asking me about the song and singing it. Good times.

Quad City DJ's - Space Jam

Fat Pat - Tops Drop

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