Wednesday, March 26, 2008

somedays I feel geometric

The Gift - Mayda Del Valle
Def Jam Poetry

Folks sometimes ask me why I write
And I reply, well let me break it down for you
If writing became illegal, I'd still beat my words through ball point pens
Onto blue lines like great grandpas beat bone boa rhythms on outlaw drums
If need be, I keep it clandestine and at night time cause poems onto your sleeping eyelids
Commit poetic crimes and be a security breach
Keeping my notebook beyond the grasp of human reach
My lines will pulsate mysterious messages
Be making them tap like heartbeats on the souls of shoes
Keeping my verses like mores code mixed with blues
Singing secret songs over hip-hop tunes
I've heard whispers I might be true to this
Cause I get a paycheck for doing this
So mother f$ckers they never walked a mile in my shoes
So they don't know what it's like to converse at the almond souls
Of ramen birds at midnight
Never moan when I ignore the sounds that tell me I was born to write
My first responsibility is to let my caged words take flight
And not believe the hype that what I say don't make a difference
Stop falling for the false pate
Stop acting like your words thoughts and deeds don't carry real weight in the universe
Vibrations don't call you into date
Don't wait for you to be ready before they take effect
Realize you create your own fate
You walk yourself to heaven's gate
I never wait for my destiny; it's something I make see
I'm getting older, so I got less time to act like I got time to spare
Not a wheel, so I remain entire
Refuse to roll through all life with no aim and I aspire
To a higher goal
Of inspiring those around me
This is not a job, or an occupation
It's a vocation
It's a calling
And I'm replying
The most tough place is this road ahead of me
And I've got to walk it
And maybe one day I'll share this road with the man who loves me
Cause I'm complicated and obstinate
But never compliant
I ain't waiting till I exhale my last breath
Before I realize that my dreams stay recessive, never dominant
Time waits for no man
So I'd be the one running faster and never out of it
And never buying it
Sometimes I feel geometric
So my poems go off on tangents
My soul always flies
But my heart and feet remain firmly planted
Stay like magnets to the earth
Attracted to the place that make me the earth that births me
I can't get to where I want to if I don't know where I'm from
I can't get to where I want to if I don't know where I'm from
So I'm back at the beginning of this poem
It's 2 am
I'm picking up my pen
I'm living again
I'm breathing again

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