Wednesday, March 12, 2008 searchin' tryin' to find a rainbow

Classic. I'm definitely looking to reup on Midnight Star albums. I'll post if I ever find em.

W_a_l_e f. B_u_n B & P_u_s_h_a T - “Back in the Go-Go”
Wale just signed a deal and should be announcing with whom (who? whom?) tomorrow. He also has a Seinfeld mixtape coming out - a mixtape about nothing. Ha.

Devin the Dude just released his first mixtape since leaving Rap-A-Lot after 14 years. He's going to be in Austin tomorrow night for SXSW at the Scoot Inn, Houston on 4/24 at Bar Rio and again in Austin 5/10 at Ruta Maya Cafe.

D_e_v_i_n the Dude - Smoke Sessions Vol 1

Flo-r_i_d_a - Mail On Sundays (edited)

S_h_e_e_k Louch - Silverback G_o_r_i_l_l_a

So I took a day to sit around and catch up on school work and TV and I must say that America's Best Dance Crew on MTV is tight. It might have to do with the kind of dance that is applicable to my life but I saw this performance and was blown away. It was beyond sick - to the point where I had to find it and watch it again... skip to like 1:20 if you don't care to watch all the jibber jabber in the beginning...

Mos Def was interviewed recently and asked about politics, etc. What's really going on with the thrones? Ol' Fresh Prince lookin... Part 3 of the interview is comedy where he speaks on Roger Clemens

In the news...

....Spitzer resigned and the chick he got caught up with is all over the news. She's an "aspiring artist." What's sad is she'll probably get a lot of recognition off of this too - if it works for them girls off Flavor of Love, etc this will probably work too. Save the Music.

....Rockets made history tonight as they hit 20-0 and have the 2nd longest winning streak in league history. Yessir! Even the commentators and fans in Atlanta were all hyped. McGrady made a 3 towards the end and my entire family literally jumped out of their seats. Clutch City baby!

....Mimi is hosting SNL this week for the first ever. w00t!

....The US Comptroller General David Walker resigned because he wants to work in the private sector to help fix the American financial problem. Read this article. Seriously. It speaks to the issues I raised in the last post when I said America is going to have to face the music at some point no matter how much money we pour into the economy. Can you imagine a day when the American government's credit rating is downgraded? What the!? And what kind of government are we running where those in power leave so that they can have better resources and make a bigger difference for the government. Backwards?

....Geraldine Ferraro, still unapologetic, resigned from Clinton's campaign because of the public outcry over her racist and ignorant comments.

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