Wednesday, March 5, 2008

give peace a chance

The morning news told me Hillary won Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island while Barack got Vermont yesterday. Technically Barack won the caucus in Texas and Hillary won the primary - with 51%... not a "turning the corner" victory if you ask me. A candidate needs 2,025 delegates to get the nomination. Barack is ahead (barely) with 1,520 and Hillary with 1,424. (FYI Ron Paul has 5). Interestingly enough Austin, Houston, and Dallas all went for Obama in the primary:

It's close however you want to spin it. Hillary said she wasn't going to drop out no matter what happened yesterday and, regardless, I think it can't hurt to have some suspense in the next couple of months. You might as well get comfortable because they're going to duke it out until convention time. Huckabee dropped out finally in the Republican race and McCain received Bush's official endorsement today which probably hurt him more than it helped. Yeah, I said it.

In other news, Senator Karen Johnson in Arizona is trying to get a bill passed that allows concealed weapons on university campuses in Arizona. See the article here. Several other states are considering similar bills in light of the recent campus shootings. I'm not going to get into my personal views on gun control, mainly because I can see both sides. However, I will say I'm not comfortable with everybody and their mama walking around UT with a gun in their oversized tote bag. I don't know you maaaan.

1. The woman calls herself a "right-wing wacko." No ma'am. I'm going to need for you not to talk about gun control if you're a self-described "wacko."

2. The picture associated with the article shows the woman posing by her file cabinet that is plastered with bumper stickers advocating gun control in a tasteless way. "Keep Honking... I'm Reloading" isn't funny... at all... I actually knew a guy who was in the back of a car with 2 of our mutual friends leaving an apartment complex when a car blocked the exit and they honked. Dude in front of them literally just shot the car and hit Doc in the neck. (See the article) Maybe in Arizona they don't have those kinds of issues but I feel like this woman needs a quick tutorial on the effects of gun violence and some sensitivity training while she's at it.

3. Y'all know how unbalanced college students are. I'm actually an irrational person during finals as is everyone around me. Tensions run high and people get cut throat - especially in the B-school. Let's not give Billy even more of a reason to bring his shotgun to class. True, the Northern Illinois University murders could have been stopped had a person in the classroom had a gun, but is the answer really to give every person the ability to get a gun? Johnson originally wanted the bill to include all campuses, including elementary. Come on. I feel like we should step up our mental health intervention techniques and procedures before we start passing out guns in the cafeteria. The article quotes a supporter of the bill that said basically "don't use a gun unless you're willing to kill someone." Tensions are too high around campus for people to be walking around with guns. I'm liable to shoot someone for having their headphones on full blast in the library when I'm clearly focused.

4. In reality, the people who would want a gun probably already have them. When was the last time you were searched on campus?

It takes a lot for me to get excited about shoes these days and finally Nike is coming out with some (re)releases with colorways that I can jive with. Unfortunately, because too many people got greedy with sub-prime mortgages and financial derivatives, now these shoes would cost me just about $220 (not worth it) because the dollar is so ridiculously low and these are only in Euro prices as of yet. Cursed floating exchange rates! (peeped @ HighSnobiety)

These are a little much in the way of patterns/colors but I have an inexplicable affinity for shoes with pictures. It doesn't make sense, yet it's So. Tight.


William G. Peregoy said...

Um, Ron Paul is a Republican, but John Edwards does have 26 of the delegates.

Enchanshizzy said...

i hate how they give girls the stupidest suckiest colors all the while the guys get the crazy tight colors. but then every once in a while you see a womens shoe with a a super decent colorway. but yeah im pretty sure you can get those here you just probably have to peeping some air structures when lent is over.