Monday, March 3, 2008

...and we keep it moving like soul II soul

So I got a bad case of the Mondays today and really don't feel like doing anything. I think it's crazy how resilient we expect the human spirit to be - whatever happens, just keep it moving. I guess that's all you really can do, but sheesh. Sometimes you just want to curl up in bed and disappear, but society (and especially Corporate America :/ ) doesn't deem it acceptable. Spring Break is just around the bend though so I'm actually thanking God for that. I need it if I've ever needed it before. I thought the tee up top adequately described how I'm feeling as I sit here in this library trying hard to not be mad at the world - especially since winter came back today. Smoking Section had another one up today that I thought funny and which No. 1 will probably like...

The morning brought another leaked song from Gnarls Barkley. ?uestlove with his silly self leaked it. (read his write up on the youtube page and if you're even remotely amused subscribe to his updates -true quality)

Also brand spanking new is a song by everyone's favorite voice manipulators Akon and T-Pain:

Badu had a great article in the NYTimes this weekend entitled, "The Mind of a One-Woman Multitude." Worth reading - especially since Badu really doesn't usually give a lot of insight behind what makes her tick. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Seven and Puma are the all time greatest kid's names I've ever heard. You can preview her new album (which is fire!) here (MF). Links are going down fast though so get it while you can. Also, if you get down with all that digging in the crates biz (which I do...) DJ Big Texas has a mixtape out called "The Essential Elements of Erykah Badu."

Mini Album Drop:

+ 2 Bonus Tracks

+ Smoking Section's review

Re-release featuring 'Ye, Akon, Fergie, etc...
+ Bonus Track

TOMORROW is Texas' own Super Tuesday. Rock the Vote and all that jazz. Recent candidate news:

  • After the Don Imus incident, Obama came out and made some comments on the whole situation. Russell Simmons, everyone's favorite (right.) hip-hop mogul, basically went public and spoke out against Obama's comments. Well every news outlet and their mama is reporting that Russell Simmons has decided to endorse Obama. He actually never said he didn't support Obama - but whatever. I would rather hear what Ms. Fabulosity thinks.
  • Bill and Chelsea attended Lakewood Church in Houston as some sort of stump for Hillary. I'd rather we not mix Jesus, the super-size-me church, and political campaigning, but hey that's just me. Is anybody planning on dropping by WUMC, a church for all people where there's enough love to go around? No? I'm not impressed.
  • His airness, Obama:

  • There was an article maybe a week or so ago basically voicing people's concerns about Obama's safety as far as assassination fears and his likeness in the public's eye to JFK. It's an interesting read if you get a chance but basically people pray over Obama's safety and worry about him and he says he has the best security detail available and has for some time now. So what's going on in Dallas where they stopped screening weapons at a recent rally? We've got to do better.
  • Myspacers have spoken - According to an internet poll of Myspace users - if they could vote - Obama's ahead in Ohio and Clinton is barely ahead in Texas. I don't put a lot of weight behind these polls. There's something called the Bradley effect which basically says people might say whatever before they vote but when it comes time to hit the button they can't get over their issues. Tom Bradley was a black candidate for the governor in CA during the '80s who was widely projected to win and ended up losing on election day. Still, these polls show Hillary jumped the gun a bit by telling Obama to, "Meet me in Texas."

Finally, a recent study shows that teens aren't buying CD's like they used to. Half of the teenagers surveyed didn't buy CDs last year. Hmmm...really though? I'm pretty sure I bought a CD last year...I think...?

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