Tuesday, March 4, 2008

it's super tuesday! go vote.

Today we'll just hit you with a few brief snippets. Tuesdays are my long days and I'm supposed to be doing more scholarship essays right now but my soul is tired and I don't feel like it.

J_a_y-Z feat. Mary J. - You're Welcome

M_a_r_i_a_h feat. Bizzy Bone - Touch My Body (official remix)

A_n_t_h_o_n_y Hamilton feat. G_h_o_s_t_f_a_c_e Killah - Do You Feel Me (remix)

The D_r_e_a_m feat. Jeezy - I Love Your Girl (remix)

Fat J_o_e - That White

R. K_e_l_l_y - I'm a Beast (rumored to be a Ne-Yo diss)

U_s_h_e_r feat. J_e_e_z_y - Love In This Club Which was originally tight until I really started listening to the lyrics. I don't know if you've ever seen people actually going at it in the club but it is NOT appropriate. Just nasty. People need to get their lives together. The beat goes hard though...

A lot of the above were found from DJ EMI who has a lot more up that I'm not going to upload. I found him by googling which in my experience is how people are getting shut down quick. Hence the "_" between names so we can avoid that if possible - harder to search for the songs from google.

SneakerFreaker had these new NB's up. Love. New Balance has been coming out with some really progressive stuff right now - a lot of it too progressive (read: expensive) for my taste. I'd rock these tough though.

I haven't had a chance to follow the news in the past couple of days but over here it's all about the election anyway. Keep your eyes on CNN (or the internet if you don't have cable...) tonight to see the results. Whatever happens is guaranteed to be interesting.

The Iraq war is projected to cost a total of $2 trillion?! In my econ class the number that we work for with the U.S. GDP (a measure of the total income in the nation) is $10 trillon - although it's just over $13 trillion realistically. If I had more time I'd compare how much Vietnam, WW2, etc cost the US relative to GDP at the time but since I don't I'll just say $2 trillion is a ridiculous amount. Beyond ridiculous. Disgusting.

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Enchanshizzy said...

i KNOW you've heard real talk by r.kelly by now rrrright? if you havent you need to hear it. youll die.