Saturday, March 1, 2008

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Quick updates, a little linkage, and a thought here and there...

First off if you haven't heard it yet check out the new mix of an old hit -- Common - The Light 2008 (via Real Talk NY). More than worth it.

The new Snoop is out here (MU) and here (RS). Get at me if you need a crash course in working with the glorious rar file.

Fat Joe's new album (mixtape?) just dropped. Preview it here (MF). Not a huge Joey Crack fan but occasionally he might have a banger.

If you saw any part of the Grammy's this year you had to have seen Kanye West's electric performance. had a piece about the Nikes 'Ye had on. Apparently they're going to be released in the future. Leave it to Kanye to pull this (dramatic) stunt. We get it. You're still on that "this ain't out yet." You heard about him during Fashion Week?

In the rest of the world -

NYTimes looked at the Kenya situation through another lens. Their tourism industry is apparently suffering immensely and that's detrimental to the lives of men, women, and their families who rely on it as their livelihood. The footage shown is amazing (especially of the elephants!) but who's really going to jump at the chance to visit the nation when it's in violent turmoil? Hopefully the arrangement worked out will bring confidence back to tourists.

Prince Harry was brought back from Afghanistan this week because the powers that be thought he'd become a prime target. What? You say you didn't even know he was over there? The press kept it mum for 10 weeks. I don't know what's more amazing - that they took 10 weeks to go through the motions before bringing him back or that the notoriously aggressive press kept it quiet that long. I do respect the 3rd in line for the throne (hold on to that dream Vannessa!) for getting his hands dirty and going over there. I support the troops! Not the war!

I hope you're keeping your eye on the American economy. All of my economics and finance teachers are starting to sound pretty gloomy and that's a huge red flag for me. They're usually the ones touting the markets and saying things aren't nearly as bad as they sound in the press. We're talking a lot about the dual recessions in the '70s and all the factors that led to them because there are so many parallels between now and then. Stay aware and be wary of market speculation right now... at some point I'll break down some of the indicators, but let's stay upbeat for now.

21st birthday shout-out to Phat Kat in Spain.
¡Feliz cumpleaƱos Kateri!

The Wiz
turned 30. Wow. I love this movie. I watched it recently with a group of friends and you either GET IT AND LOVE IT or think it's kind of scary and are not into it. However, all present agreed the producers were on some heavy influences during filming. SoulBounce has a funny salute.

This is wrong on so many levels. The woman behind the camera is NOT helping.

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