Friday, February 29, 2008

you know my purpose isn't purpose

Good morning! So I was trying to think of a purpose, a mantra, a goal, etc. for this spot and came up short. It can't just be music links because that's done to an exhausting extent already and I'd just be ripping links anyway. Plus, the RIAA is not playing. Or I could make it just celebrity gossip in the way of Concreteloop or Crunk and Disorderly -- but be serious, I don't have that kind of time or humor on my hands. Maybe strange news? Been done. It's gotta be me without being anybody else but while still being a little bit of everybody else. Hopefully my friends will drop by and be clued in to whats going on in the world around them and if I make a few more people aware of something relevant then my job is done. I can already see this is going to be a distraction but what the hey I'm off of Facebook until Easter.

Speaking of free time this was posted to Kanye's blog this morning. Impressive.

Moving on the morning paper brought good news for Kenya. For those not aware there has been crazy turmoil over there and it sounded like they were going towards this completely divided nation based on heritage. I read horrific accounts of people being run out of their towns (where they'd been born and raised) and across the country because of their ethnic background. Even crazier they were run out by friends and neighbors who'd they been playing futbol with just the week before! It'd be like my girls coming to kill me if I didn't go back to Louisiana despite never living there just because that's where my family landed first. There was this mass movement across all of Kenya with reports of people strapping their mattresses on top of their cars and grabbing what they could and going back to "their" land. Of course this all stemmed from corrupt elections and it seems that now the 2 opposing leaders are working out some
deal to share power. I really respect what they're trying to do despite the fact that the whole "go hold hands in the corner" approach never really works. But you have to commend them on at least really trying for a solution. Kenya has a contemporary reputation as being relatively less screwed as a third world country and there were fears that this was going to set them back as much as 50 years. Which is major no matter where you are in the world.

Right now everyone is gearing up for the Texas primary in these parts. I was supposed to early vote today but it's scholarship application season so who knows if I'll get around to it. I still have all day Saturday :). I go back and forth with my choice anyway. It's hard to decide because as we've seen in the (recent) past, you never know how much someone can screw up the the nation until they get in. A lot of people have been
blasting Hillary though. Early polls in Texas show that if she's going to win it wouldn't be by a margin even close to what she needs. I think it's interesting that public opinion either embraces Hillary or HATES her whereas with Obama they either WORSHIP him or kinda like him. That uniting factor will really matter in November. I'd kind of like Hillary to stay in the game regardless just to keep Obama on his toes and make the game a little bit more interesting. But the other side of that is that if she drops Edwards-style it'll help unite the party to make it (even more) unstoppable when it's time for the big election.

I got to get back to scholarships (shout out to No. 1 for all the help) so we'll wrap it up with "Dancing in the Rain" by Blu & Exile (
get familiar!) which just dropped.

Blu - Dancing in the Rain
by itsshake

And as a bonus, Estelle's "American Boy" featuring 'Ye which isn't in rotation yet but SHOULD be soon!

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you aint had early voted yet???!!! thats a shame.are you gonna caucus too?