Thursday, February 28, 2008

blurred lines

The whole blogging thing seems silly to me. You'd think it wouldn't matter what a single person thought but en masse it's apparently this amazing, powerful, grass-roots-of-the-21st-century movement. So I'll give it a shot, I got a knack for finding things that others would normally miss out on. It's the information age and right now some of the most salient information is coming from the ground up. For instance, just got the George Polk Award and it's the only Internet-only news operation to win the thing which is apparently a big deal. (Get familiar)

My point being that if I'm subscribing to dozens of blogs via Google Reader I might as well throw some of my thoughts out there in cyberspace and see what bites. I'm by no means trying to be the next
Amanda Diva in the way of internet personality but hey let's just rock and roll together and see what happens.

Erykah touched on this blurring of the lines (albeit not between news and consumers) on Def Poetry. We'll jump off with that and I'll post more as the spirit moves me.