Saturday, May 10, 2008

respect is just the minimum

Well bless my soul, looks like we got an explosion of hits the last couple of days - mainly from Facebook and No Days Off. Welcome new friends, to what do I owe the pleasure? I kid, I kid, but y'all should know me better than that. It's not my battle to fight, let go and let God.

I'm a big fan of the Fire Red Spizike, so when I saw these "Cool Grey" ones, they immediately caught my eye. They're apparently only being released in Europe (the red ones were originally just available in the US) but don't let that stop you. See it, want it, buy it, (and after a lot of mailing issues and sketchy business practices) own it. Mmmm...yes. Gotta love international trade.

Another example of a shoe that I respect but most likely will never rock is this Supra Skytop being released today. The form caught my eye as a mix of Chucks, Adidas, and (love) old school Nike. However, I think the only place I've ever been in my life where metallic shoes were okay for me would have been the Kanyeezy concert. The world just isn't ready.

Before I discovered the perfection which is Donny Hathaway, my favorite song was "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green. That easy, breezy style of singing that makes you want to dance and sway around the kitchen while cooking -- you can't manufacture that. It's nothing compared to "Song for You" which has been my favorite song since the moment I first heard Donny's voice croon over that haunting piano melody, but Al Green is a great nonetheless. Al just dropped another album called "Lay it Down" which features the likes of Anthony Hamilton and John Legend. What originally got it on my radar is that ?uestlove worked on the project and you already know ?uest can just sit there and do nothing and I'll still be clapping like he just discovered plaid.

216 people were arrested for peacefully protesting the Sean Bell killers' verdicts - including Rev. Sharpton and Sean Bell's widow. What kind of world am I living in? When Courtney passed away I thought the world was done, over, that was it. My brain can't even comprehend that kind of tragedy. I've lost a lot of people close to me through disease and violence and I've never been so shaken to my very core. But the world kept moving. I couldn't breath and people kept walking around campus like nothing had happened. How is that possible? In light of recent events it's the same, all of a sudden nothing matters, I really don't know which way is up, and people act like the world is still spinning. I hate that as we grow up we have to deal with issues and become desensitized. I hate that the world is a place where when someone can't go on living to the point where they have to protest the government, then they're thrown in jail like they did something wrong. I'm learning (should have learned by now due to my final being ever closer) about how the world can't sustain our population growth, fisheries are depleted, deforestation is leading to desertification and soil erosion which means people can't make enough food to survive. There are so many pressing issues that I stress about that don't affect me directly (Kenya.. ugh.) and it's like people are sitting next to me in the computer lab just oblivious. I have to resist that blissful ignorance -- we're all connected on some level (not to get all tree hugger on you) and what happens across the world is going to have short term and long term repercussions. Information is only the first step, but it's still a step. When am I going to be held accountable? If I can't believe in something better then this life isn't worth living. I can't subscribe to the view of just stacking my chips and worrying about me -- I'm still doing for my mother and paying bills but that's not all everyone can be worried about. Selfishness and greed are so ugly, so so ugly, and if it literally destroys me to see the world consumed by it then I can't be the same as everyone. Still, I must rise. But how? Something is inherently flawed with our capitalist view that markets fix themselves and profit maximization for the shareholder is all it takes -- in the long run everything is in equilibrium. John Maynard Keynes, the brilliant economist, said it best: "In the long run, we're all dead."

"Last night I saw you in my dreams, now I can't wait to go to sleep. This life is only a dream, and my real life starts when I go to sleep."

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