Friday, May 9, 2008

and I'm prepared to go it alone

Wow. So suddenly my life is so surreal and I can't tell what's reality and what's not -- including this video. I can't tell if I'm tripping but this video is bonkers. I don't think I've ever referred to anything as "bonkers" unless I was referring to the Disney cartoon, but this is so far out there that I don't even know how to process it. That might have to do with my state of mind, etc. but Gnarls Barkley has topped the charts with their creativity again. What year is this? What country? The moment that boy in the starts mouthing the words I was captivated. I love the song anyway, really the whole CD. An earlier post has it if you don't have it yet, better yet buy it, it's worth it!

"Anyone that needs what they want, and doesn’t want what
they need

I want nothing to do with

And to do what I want And to do what I

Is first of my to-do list

But every once in a while I think about her

One of the few things I do miss

But baby I‘ve to go

Baby I’ve got to know

Baby I’ve got to prove it"

Get it Cee-Lo. So I'm supposed to be studying for 2 super crazy hard finals (and having a terrible time focusing - hence the blogging...) so I'll just give a few tid bits of info that are on my mind right now....

  • MC and Nick are out and about. Homegirl has a tattoo that says "Mrs. Cannon" on her back. Yet again I'm tempted to use the word bonkers. It's so silly yet I love it. When you've been rocking with someone that long it doesn't really matter what they do -- which is probably why people who used to have Michael Jackson posters on their wall still faint when they see him and love him, while the rest of us look like o_O.

  • The tragedy in Myanmar is going on and no one I knows is talking about it. There was a terrible cyclone that destroyed and shut down the country. I heard a report that the death toll was like 22,000. Uh hello? All of these little, isolated villages have been wiped out in this Southeast Asian country and it took a while for aid to go there and of course it's not enough. One guy basically said, "If we don't get some potable water soon and something to eat we're just not going to be here in a week." The food crisis already has everybody's pockets pinched too. And what does that say about me that I reported on Mimi first? Americans = selfish

  • Hillary and McCain want to give consumers a break in the cost of gasoline over the summer. You morons. Not only are they not changing a thing in the entire oil industry, but they're making things worse. I'm going to need someone in office that understands economics. They want to basically shift the gas tax so you save something like a few bucks a tank. Thomas Friedman, one of my favorite columnists, wrote about the logisitcs in an article called "Dumb as We Wanna Be." Read it. He also wrote this outstanding column on America's relative position internationally.

  • I can't find my iPod. When I need it most. Blast it all.
Also, last night I was talking a good friend (shout outs to my titanium support net by the way)about his business plan and I remembered I never posted his new site. Fresh 2 Death clothing has really taken off and I'm really impressed with the professionalism of the site. Basically Jae Dash Blaze paints these shirts and now they have them screen printed so you can order them. You can also order them hand painted. Anywho here's a sample from one of my favorites and the link: Check-check-check it out!

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