Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I fully support this

There is nan not a reason I should be blogging right now. I'm literally in the THICK of finals week. But alas, I felt compelled to tell my reader that I have made a decision: I support Mariah and Nick. If you know me at all you know I go back with Mariah Carey and her music for as long as I can remember. We're talking EARLY elementary. We go back like car seats. More importantly the world is in dire need of little Mariahs to keep that talent going forever... I didn't want to blog about this insane rumor before, I got all sorts of texts from true friends who know my love of MC and I told them all I didn't believe it. I follow her music not her personal life but STILL. Nick Cannon? Oh well, he has a little biz going for him and, corny as he is, he's okay in my book for now. Who knew he was 27 though?! Oh well. Get it girl.

Also a few quick reflections on the Kanye concert in "Houston" (read: Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in the Woodlands does not equal Houston by any stretch) last weekend:
  • Chris Brown we know you were on stage. WHY would you not do the Umbrella remix? Reason #2043 why I don't like big, planned out concerts
  • Kanye West we love you for acting a fool. Those blue screens were annoying us too. Your professionalism style is a bit unorthodox but hey, everybody has their standards. More power to your ridiculous, brightest-star-in-the-universe-self.
  • Rihanna, I know you call yourself being a fashion trendsetter but please give your motorcycle hat back to the Village People. I can't find any pictures online so that must have been a Houston exclusive. Nice. She had a nice set though.
  • Shortly after the concert it was announced Lupe's album just went Gold. So why in the sam hell was Lupe on first like some Austin hometown SXSW band?! All 5 people that had made it through I-45 traffic and parking and who weren't off buying their $10 Kayne shutter shades loved it though. No props, just a little fog towards the end of the act, no announcement, no nothing. Who's in charge here?
  • NERD...I'll rock with you. Not enough to run through the arena and dive on stage and proceed to take multiple awkward photographs though....
  • "The Lawn" + that tiny bridge back to the parking lots = fire hazards. There is nothing safe about packing people in until there is no movement possible. $40 is too much to pay for no breathing room. Luckily I had a fantastic group of guys with me who (1) kept the mood light and had me cracking up and (2) could have potentially saved me in the event of a stampede.

[Thursday Edit: now if that ain't some foreshadowing...]

Okay.... seriously, back to studying. Catch y'all on the flip side of this International Finance final!

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