Wednesday, April 2, 2008

fireworks at Lake Michigan

+original version feat. John Legend ("Home")

More Estelle.....

From 2dopeboyz:
You Are f. John Legend (prod. Tom Craskey)
Pretty Please (Love Me) f. Cee-Lo (prod. Jack Splash)

From Hip Hop is Read:
Shine (Prod. by Swizz Beatz)
Wait a Minute (Just a Touch) (Prod. by

From TSS:
Hi-Tek ft. Estelle – Life to Me

Go get Shine on April 29th!
Shhhhh. Or be quiet. Or shut your bloody trap. Shutting down quick so GO GO GO!

More singles....
L_e_o_n_a Lewis - Misses Glass
Dr. Dre Feat. Slick Rick, Eminem and Devin The Dude - Headrush (from Spine Magazine)
Luda - Stay Together
Bobby V feat. Wayne - Your Smile
Kidz In The Hall’s Feat. Bun B and Talib - Change (Work To Do) (Remix)
L_u_p_e feat. W_y_c_l_e_f - Fast Car Remix
M_a_r_i_a_h feat T Pain - Migrate

And as requested:

In the news (disclaimer: midterms week and the only news I've been following is what's in my Google Reader)....
  • Bey and Jay may (or may not) have gotten a marriage license which would mean they'd marry in the next 60 days. Rumors fly daily about them getting married but people seem to think this is more credible than usual. Love me some Bey and Jay. And their mini-couple Rihanna and Chris.
  • If you thought our 2004 election was contested just wait. Zimbabwe is in an uproar because they just had a presidential election and nobody knows who won yet so everything is suspended over there because that's all anyone cares about. Zimbabwe used to be on the up-and-up as far as African nations go but recently inflation has literally soared and unemployment has reached 80% (and we're worried about more than 5%!). Mugabe has been president since 1987 so everyone blames him which is why the opposition party right now is basically screaming from the mountaintops that they won. They say he's a dictator and was rigging the election by doing things like passing out new cars to government doctors. Hey, what you call rigging I call good politics. I'm just kidding, this isn't funny. You can read more about it here and here. It probably won't have a huge impact on anything you're doing in your life right now, especially with our own economic issues, but it might be relevant at some point. 80% unemployment is astounding. If you really care read this article about Zimbabwe's inflation. $417 for a single sheet of 2-ply toilet paper in 2006!

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