Saturday, April 19, 2008

electric boots and a mohair suit

the title is a quote from Elton John's Benny and the Jets which has been on permanent repeat since I saw this:

I adore the original song so much that I'm even feeling this rendition. I can't figure out if it's supposed to be a joke though.... I'm inclined to think so...? Biz Markie literally staked his claim in modern music history by sounding like he has permanent juice mouth (I was going to try to link to some definition of juice mouth in case it's not self explanatory but it seems to be a Number One original). If you're interested here's the mp3 from o-dub.

A lot of blogs I frequent have a regular feature for "new MySpace artists," or something to that effect, where they basically hype up the next Mariah or Jay-Z or whoever they "discovered" on MySpace. 9 out of 10 times these selections are terrible, however once in a blue moon they're legit. Once you hear that rare, raw, extraordinary talent that has been left largely untouched (and therefore untainted) by the business it makes the search completely worth it.

Case in point: Anthony David via SoulBounce. New to me, but he apparently has a previous album, "3 Chords & the Truth," and recently signed with India Arie's new label (yeah, who knew?), SoulBird Music. Dude is outstanding if you like that whole underground/quality neo-soul/vocals that send your soul flying thing. I spent several hours with his MySpace playing in the background - "Lady" and "Part of My Life Live" (which turns into Guy's "I Like"-- whatchu know bout it?) in particular. "Words" is nice too and features India Arie. What got me initially is his cover of Estelle's "American Boy" which is catchy but not the best display of his talent. What a smart way to hook people though! My faithful readers (all 2 of y'all) know I gets busy - pause - with Estelle and especially that song. It's just infectious -- as soon as the beat drops my arms instinctively are wildly thrown in the air older-drunken-relative-at-the-family-reunion style. Gotta love it.

2nd MySpace page I support (yet another SoulBounce feature): Karina Pasian. 16 @ War is the single that's being pushed (which is alright) but her youtubes on the page and other featured songs show she has a nice little voice going for her. Hopefully she won't get sucked in with some music execs that churn out another bubblegum pop record and she'll be able to showcase the fact that she's cute and can hit the notes.

This marks the end of the good music endorsements part of the blog. Young Money Ent artist Tyga (your guess is as good as mine) has this song featuring Travis McCoy (of "Cupid's Chokehold" fame) called "Coconut Juice." This song/video represents all that is wrong with the music scene in 2008 and yet I found myself sitting through the video waiting to see if Travis was there for more than a cameo. Around 2:45 my wish came true and I hereby predict that this will become a club favorite.

...and does anyone care about Izza Kizza (Timbaland's latest artist) when you take the funny Family Guy clips away?

...and can we have a collective prayer that "The Wam" doesn't catch on?

Blu - G_l_o_r_y_u_s
Ross feat. Wayne, Fab, T-P_a_i_n & Red C_a_f_e - "The Boss (remix)"
C_o_o_l Kids - Oscar
Mimi feat. Robert Kelly - Touch My Body (remix)

shall we end with something of relative quality?

Did anyone else see the small child in the audience around 2:00 right before a string of cursing? Houston parenting is unparalleled in greatness (especially in the SW - Reliant area!).

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