Wednesday, April 23, 2008

been playin the same song all day long

The stunning A. Keys has a new video for "Teenage Love Affair" that just made it online. I didn't really cut for the song on the album but I like it a lot more after seeing the video! The whole School Daze vibe is hot and she's of course gorgeous. The setting reminds me of my Spring Break a lot -- minus that whole talent show portion, it looked more like a Motown full production than a college talent show. But maybe UT just isn't on their level...

Also out is a video for "Rising Up" from the Roots and Chrisette Michele. I've said it before, I absolutely love this song, it's the hottest I've heard from their upcoming LP. Chrisette Michele has a really rich sound and her album, "I Am," is outstanding. This video has a real laid back vibe that I'm feeling --but it pales in comparison to the Roots live! (Roots play Warehouse Live in Houston June 17 and House of Blues in Dallas June 18)

W_a_l_e - Perfect Plan via Nah Right
Mimi feat. Jay - Bye Bye (remix)
M_a_d_o_n_n_a feat. Yeezy - Beat Goes On
C_o_o_l Kids - Sup
U_s_h_e_r feat. Weezy and Bey - Love in This Club (remix)

That Burnt Orange Juice is from UT's own and, to my dismay, it popped up all over my Google Reader. I had no idea that many people were reading Burnt Orange Juice -- doing big things! Click on the cover for the tracklist.

Furthermore, in case you haven't been paying attention....

Mariah's E=MC2 debuted at number one and it's her 6th number one album. (She's now tied with Janet Jackson and Madonna for the 2nd most number 1 albums, behind Barbera Streisand

..... Jay-Z and Beyonce are officially married. Surprise, surprise.

....Hillary won Pennsylvania by 10% and so the fight continues. Truth be told I haven't even been really following the election coverage - I feel like it's getting petty and repetitive and by the time I get past the articles about the food crisis and bank failings I'm good on drama. However that apparently doesn't really change the math supporting Obama. Read more here.

....Bush's approval ratings are at an
all time low - a 70 year low for the Gallup poll - with only 28% of Americans approving of the job he's doing in office. This chart shows how approvals fluctuate with events in the economy - it's interesting how high the ratings were through 9/11 and even the invasion of Iraq. I wonder how his downward trend compares with that of other presidents. Bush has become increasingly disillusioned recently and, while I think supporting the government is important, I can't help feeling like he's a sitting duck and we're all just counting down.

...You know those Nalgene bottles you see everyone carrying around? The ones that are supposed to be better for our health because they don't use the same chemicals as regular water bottles and are similarly supposed to be better for the environment? Well,they're made with a chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA) which is used to make many hard plastic products (those unbreakable glasswares, baby bottles, etc) and studies have shown that the
BPA is leaking into the food/drink being contained. Nalgene has already announced they're not going to use it anymore and Canada may be getting ready to ban it and Wal Mart says they're expecting all baby bottles to be free of BPA by the end of the year. The issue is they're not sure if BPA causes developmental problems, especially in fetuses and infants. Just in case I'm throwing away my Nalgene bottle. I think the latest standing is those metal water bottles are the new "greenest" solution. *sigh*

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