Friday, July 25, 2008

"put a button on it people...

....because suspenders just won't do."

Photo Booth Prank x2: Get ready to laugh...

Nike discontinued my favorite shoe, the Air Stab, because there have been a lot of stabbings in London. I'm all for sensitivity to people's situations but this seems like it's being taken too far. Air Stabs are really my favorites. Maybe it's just in the UK? What a loss. Plus, STAB stands for STABILITY, duh. :-/

Carnegie Mellon Prof. Randy Pausch passed away today at 47 from pancreatic cancer. He became a YouTube hit not long ago for his "Last Lecture." It's an hour and twenty minutes long and it took me about three times that long to watch it because I'm doing work but it's fabulous. Unlike any lecture I've certainly ever been to. I know a lot of y'all are in college and so just pretend you're going to class and put in that hour and some change. He talks about life lessons, achieving your dreams, and the legacy that he's leaving behind. He faces death head on, although he does set limits at the beginning, saying he won't talk about his wife and 3 children because, while he's good, he's not that good. The lecture from 2007 led to a bestseller, a lot of media attention, and an appearance on Oprah. He's continuously engaging and hilarious, check it out. Warning: if you watch it all the way through you might want to grab a tissue.

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