Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mariah in Elle

Walking through the San Diego airport today I was picking up a WSJ and saw *gasp* MC staring back at me looking, dare I say it, more beautiful than ever. I counted at least three puzzled looks which I'm assuming were because of the diversity of my reading materials -- although it could have been because of my exceptional footwear. Looks like I have a new workout motivation photo! I promise this isn't how many of you would have missed the latest issue of Elle were it not for the 13th Floor? Exactly. She talks about Nick, starting a family, her views on Barack, etc. It's a good article and you can read most of it here. There's also a great article about Nicole Paultre Bell, Sean Bell's widow, and her evolution as a steadfast civil rights activist.

The WSJ had a good article "Stop Worrying, and Learn to Love the Bear" in a new column "The Intelligent Investor." The general premise of the article is that this financial turmoil won't kill us and "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger." Tell that to Fannie and Freddie (ha...ha.). I did add "The Intelligent Investor" by Benjamin Graham to my "to read" list.

Mariah does Elle

Mariah does Elle

Mariah does Elle

Coming Soon: report of a very successful "Culture Tour does California."


Reggie said...

Oh, wow. Jason Zweig just left Money mag (where I work) to bring that column to the Journal. He's a genius. I have his old desk! (complete with books and boxes).

Timothy said...

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