Wednesday, July 23, 2008

happy belated trae day!

Yesterday was the first annual TRAE DAY in Houston. Mayor White honored Trae yesterday at 2pm for, from my understanding, his community service in Houston. It's the first time such an honor has been extended to a rapper. I wasn't even aware. I respect that though.

Luda - Put On freestyle

There is just something about this song that gets me hype everytime. This was the theme song to my San Diego trip. I told anybody who would listen I was from Southwest Houston Texas. "Ain't it too flat there?" No, it's all I know. "Ain't it too hot and humid there?" No, I love the weather. "Don't ya'll all have grills? All we see is Paul Wall and Cham and Mike Jones. Oh, and Lil Flip." *staleface* But at least we're on the map and I put ON for my city.

Confession: I have previously not listened to George Young. I assumed he was just like every kid in high school trying to rap for females over the phone with a wack Fruity Loops beat playing in the background (you KNOW someone just popped into your mind).... The promotion was there and through the grapevine I heard word of him but never listened. After listening now I have to say he's nice. Favorite Disc will be on iPod Jr. asap. Shouts to GP for the linkage.

George Young - Favorite Disc I was just about to comment on how nice the production was and looked it up to see he produced it himself. I'm impressed.
George Young - Turn Off the Radio
George Young - StayBlack Music

“Things change when people get a sense of their value.”

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