Sunday, July 6, 2008

fourth of july

Sometimes I have to restrain myself from just posting a million MC videos. I love older Mariah stuff and everytime I look on YouTube for a specific video from her I get really excited.

I hope everyone is having a grand ol' 4th of July weekend. Especially all you lucky kids that made it to the N.O. Stay safe. Friends don't let friends drink and drive. I'm up at the lake with some of my best friends getting my Mariah impression perfected. Don't hate, don't hate. Seriously though, it's nice to relax and not have school or work pressing on you for a bit. I have miserably failed at water skiing and was proclaiming my love for jet skis when they told me some crazy statistic about the amount of people who are killed riding jet skis every year. It's not even from drunk skiing too, it's mainly from inexperience and a lack of instruction. Everyone has a story up here about something like that too. "Oh yeah, we sunk the jet ski that time, haha!" or "Man remember when I broke my nose trying to water ski?" Yeah....I'll pass. I still love jet skiing though, as I do going out on the boat - as long as I don't have to drive it.

Mariah's new video for "Loving You Long Time" featuring T.I. She's looking absolutely stunning, better than ever. If you weren't aware I go back with Mariah like babies with pacifiers.

Are you missing an Outkast album? Time to re-up. From TSS.

The last three are all from TSS. At a certain point I'm not even posting because I think you'll download. I'm mainly posting for me and, since I'm on my work computer, so I can find my links later easily. Ready for the World? Are you serious?! I have looked for that album at length in the past, so get it while you can. The 80's were so tight. I wish I could go back in time and hit up parties that played music like that and where people danced like this. Back before it was in vogue to shake it like a dog, bust it wide open then bring it back, or bounce it up and down like Flipper.

Speaking of good music Jay-Z got the internet going nuts over his Glastonbury set. I haven't listened to the full thing but apparently it's thegreatestshowofalltime. Whatever, holla at me when the Roots are here (again...). Yeah, I'm hating because I am not amused with rhymes like these:
London bridges are falling down
Not bridges, but britches when Jigga’s in town
Ladies show me your knickers
I might let you take it if you don’t tell the Mrs.
Quick, run before the tabloids come
Hide from the night before we end up in the sun
I’m just takin the piss …unless you gone do it

Shawn Corey Carter: you get a stale face from me. I'm not with that whole "talk out the side of your neck just to sell records and be sensational." It's a slippery slope and that's how you end up losing sight of what's important.

Meanwhile, I just heard Jay-Z's sister-in-law Solange's "I Decided" the other day and it's apparently making waves...somewhere...although I have yet to hear it in the club or on the radio but that might have to do more with the clubs and radio stations I frequent. I think the song is really hot though and different from her previous material. If Solange keeps cranking out new material like this she may have a come back on her hands...or a come up...get it mama! The video is outstanding although I feel like I need to pull out my 3D glasses to view it properly.


Reggie said...

hmm, things are pinker here than I remember...

denise said...

why, thank you!

justin charles said...

I was raised on Mariah. Mariah is to my Dad, as Alicia is to me.

However, after "Heartbreaker"...when she got on the "Pop/Hip-Hop" train. [not that there's anything wrong with that]

So I'm a die hard old-school Mariah Fan.

Lionel Richie...[Hello?]...the bomb

justin charles said...

oh yeah... and solange. I'm proud of her. Maybe she'll make her own. However, I think soomebody must be hyping up the hype cause I never hear this on the radio in b/w every remix of lollipop.

Enchanshizzy said...

jayz has been whack to me after the blueprint from his stupid ass huge ass nose to his nasty soup cooling lips and that excerpt just solidified that. im assuming youve heard of janelle monae because she equals the