Saturday, June 28, 2008

stay in my element, braveheart intelligent

I laugh hysterically every time. Around 2:50, starting with the Rerun character, it's pure madness.

Mozilla released Firefox 3 this week. Its interface is cleaner, it's noticeably faster and the "Awesome Bar" is truly awesome. There were more than 20 million downloads the first week: get yours here.

N_a_s feat. Stic Man - Association
Luda - Big House
Ye - Stalker Song (Never Letting Go)
R_a_p_h_a_e_l Saadiq feat. S_t_e_v_i_e - I Like It <----
oooooooh when that harmonica hits if you're not up swaying and snapping something is wrong.
A-Trak feat. L_u_p_e - Me and My Sneakers (or Mastered?)
T-P_a_i_n feat. Wayne - Can't Believe It
Lil Keke feat. Tre Virdure, Slim Thug, Paul Wall - Money in the City
G_y_m Class Heroes feat. The D_r_e_a_m - Cookie Jar
KiD CuDi - Embrace the Martian
David Banner feat. Wayne - Shawty Say
I saw a few minutes of "Hip Hop vs. America II" where everybody was ganging up on David Banner and he was doing a fairly nice job defending himself, basically saying it wasn't his job to raise people's kids and he does a lot of community work so it counters garbage like "Play." Uh-huh.

“I will say this to all the women: If you want to change what’s going on - pick better mates. In most cases, with these men, you know what type of men they are when you lay down with them. You have to make a decision for yourself to pick a better mate. If you want to change this society, close your legs.” - David Banner

If you don't appreciate the talent that is the man called Blu let me know ASAP so we can fight.

"What's rich, really? I hang out with rich people and they don't think that they're rich enough. I'm rich with God, I'm rich with my kids, and I'm rich with my work and that's way more powerful."- Lee Daniels


Reggie said...

I love Blu, Below the Heaven's was the best sleeper in a long while. But I've gotta say I'm not really feelin' C.R.A.C.C., that Ta'raach dude being the lowest common denominator.

And is that A-Trak/Lupe joint a club banger??

denise said...

I doubt it, Lupe couldn't get clearance or something so he was replaced by KiD CuDi for the final version on a Nike/A-Trak album called Running Man. That'd be funny if the Lupe version is the one that took off, it's certainly getting more hype.

You're walking a fine line talking about CRACC. But I understand.

BIG JESSE said...

Hahaha Condaleeza nice and illary that shit is funny