Thursday, June 26, 2008

shut up and let me go

Ting Tings - Shut Up and Let Me Go from espionage on Vimeo.

Seen @ Ye's blog. Is it just me or are music videos getting better? I watched this at least 5 times in a row yesterday when I first saw it. And I love it. What I don't love is how he's started putting all these nekked women up on his blog like he don't "feel like this but [dudes] don't know this stress / [he] lost the only girl in the world that know [him] best." Whatever Ye, keep making that platinum and gold for me. Read his latest rant here - this time about the Bonaroo festival.

Today is National HIV Testing Day. I meant to post this yesterday but today at noon you could have gone to one of several Houston locations to get tested for HIV and get a free ticket to see Plies, Day 26, Mario, Bun B, Fat Pimp and more. You can text your zip code to 566948 for a test center near you. Go get tested. In NYC they're doing this mass movement to try to get every adult in the Bronx tested for H.I.V. because the Bronx has a higher rate of deaths caused by AIDS than the other boroughs. Go get tested. You never know. It's 2008 and people still say things like "I wouldn't have slept with such and such if I thought they had AIDS." How can people not know AIDS doesn't have a face. I know chicks who walk around plain as day and get drunk one night and confess they have herpes. WHAT?! and WHY did you just tell me instead of your partner?!

I used to work with this amazing person (at Hobby Lobby - haters go home) and you would have never known she had AIDS until she started deteriorating so quicky and kept going on leave because she was in the hospital. I left before she did and that was the last time I saw her. Isn't that insane!? AND one time on Montel (I don't have cable in college - haters go home.) this little girl had AIDS and they had no clue where she'd gotten it from. No blood transfusion, no sexual abuse, nothing. So she started all these foundations before she eventually succumbed to the disease. Go get tested. You never know. You may think you know, but you could have no idea. I don't care how you live your life, you aren't immune. Wouldn't you rather give your body a fighting chance?

While we're pushing for a better world check out the i'm Initiative. I saw an ad for it on Pandora and was sucked in because this guy looked hilarious and I thought the i'm Talkathon was legitimately some guy blogging and AIM-ing and facebooking for 30 days straight...aka my life.

The i’m™ Initiative from Microsoft™ makes helping social causes easy. Every time
you use Windows Live™ Messenger or Windows Live Hotmail®, our free webmail service, we'll share a portion of our advertising revenue with some of the world's most effective social cause organizations. Exactly how much will we share with
our partner causes? Well, that’s up to you and the growing masses of registered i’m Initiative users. The more messages you send, the more we give.

C_o_m_m_o_n feat. P_h_a_r_r_e_l_l - Announcement
Ye - Gotta Pose

A few videos to wrap this up:

Wale: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Mmmm Miles Bonny. Can you dig it?

Do you remember? Erykah Badu is timeless.


William G. Cash said...

I ain't never listened to WALE really, but my boy G.Young be raving about him, and G never steered me wrong, so I'm a check dude out more....

That video/song Artistic Integrity you posted was wasup tho!

Anonymous said...

Every king springs from a race of slaves, and every slave had kings among his ancestors.