Sunday, June 29, 2008

love him like I do

iPod Jr. has a fire "New Gospel" play list that I've been playing tough. Every morning and evening on my daily commute I listen to this song and today I looked it up to find a youtube version to post and lo and behold there is a video! From months ago! Around 2:15 I dare you to not catch the spirit. I let it play until the end the first round and then just run it back from 2:15. I know this is going to sound crazy but sometimes in the morning, as I'm driving around West Houston where the drivers are angry and speeding, I feel like if I catch the spirit hard enough it might diffuse into the other cars and they'll have a better day. Plus, it's hard not to let cars in and be kinder when you have gospel blaring at 7:45 AM. So maybe. If not, at least my day is better!

Somebody told me
that we overcome by our testimony

Bet you wouldn’t believe
how doubt and fear used to paralyze me.

But God’s hand led me thru a test
and he brought out the very best of me

Now I’ll never forget
to tell the world what you mean to me

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BIG JESSE said...

First I gotta start off by letting you know again that you are the smartest person I know and with this throwed ass Blog you are now the tightest person i know...but any way WALE is amazing can you get a CD or mixtape on here.