Thursday, August 14, 2008

"wiped out, they could see me...

....that's what I want,
a casualty, but I am upfront
and I know what it's about."
-- Santi White

We gonna just jump right back in this. Internship finished last week and I've been transitioning back to life as a young twenty-something student. It seems like everybody in the firm and on the client site told me something to the effect of, "What I wouldn't do to go back to school for one more better appreciate that chance!" Life in the real world is cool and living lavishly on the client's dime in the city of no pity is a Godsend...but I can't wait to get back to school to grind it out with some 4.0 finesse. Yafeelmedoeyadig... but yeah, my bad for slipping. All ya'll saying "look at her with her lazy self" know y'all are wrong and that sometimes you gotta log off and live life. Yeah, Big Jess I'm talking to you. Culture Tour report coming soon. In the meantime I'm shopping for a new laptop, holla at me if you love your XPS Dell or your Sony Vaio.

Santogold just dropped a video for one of my favorite songs from her, "Lights Out." I couldn't have asked for a better visual to represent such a chill, mystifying song. The play on patterns is fresh and that lipstick game is on point. Why do I still not have gold bamboo earrings?

Notable Passings:

  • RIP Bernard Jeffrey McCullough aka Bernie Mac. What a terrible struggle for such an amazing comedian and his family.
  • RIP Isaac Lee Hayes, Jr. Never Can Say Goodbye
  • RIP Morgan Freeman's marriage. Hmph. Pray tell what you were doing, you millionaire actor you, in a 1997 Nissan Maxima driving around close to midnight? I wish the man a speedy recovery...from the breakup of his 24 year marriage.
  • RIP John Edward's dignity. Even the opening ceremonies couldn't save your self worth from being thrown out the window. Let me get this straight: we're supposed to give you a pass because (1) your wife's cancer was in remission, (2) you didn't love the ho, (3) the baby isn't yours? This man, who was extremely outspoken about Clinton's affair, had the nerve to run for president knowing he had dirty laundry nastier than Leslie's. This uber-crucial election could have been thrown. People need to upgrade their moral compasses ASAP. Don't even get me started on the state of females these days and the lengths they're willing to go to.
Who else can't freaking wait for the Blueprint 3?
Jay_Z (prod. by Ye) - Jockin Jay_Z

The Chanel Mobile Art exhibit is supposedly starting up in NYC in Central Park around October 20th....when I'll be in the Big Apple. Fate?
Speaking of Chanel, how much do you love the new Signet Rings that just ooze class and tradition? I just read Esther last night where King Xerxes was talking about using his signet ring to seal letters. Who's with me? Let's take it back old school to biblical times:

Amazing video of the day: Meet Ben, who "had his eyes surgically removed when very young, and has learned to see using echolocation. By clicking his tongue he is able to navigate around objects, identify objects, play games and more." Seen @ The Beez Wax

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justin said...

Ooo... you called some people out in this one, Holly.

Morgan Freeman and John Edwards... smh.

Keep your zippers up fellas.