Friday, August 15, 2008

how come blessings only come in disguise?

I love when people pay attention to detail. I saw these Giuseppe Zanotti ankle boots over at High Snobette and instantly was infatuated. I'm not really on the whole ankle boot train yet, but for a pair like these I might just suck it up. Thankfully, until I have a grand ($995 + tax to be exact) to drop on some boots, I have a while to worry about that.

Two of the latest, greatest music videos that you've (probably) never seen:

Little Jackie - The Whole World Should
Revolve Around Me

From their MySpace:
Blend the old-school R&B sound with a quirky hybrid of hip-hop and pop and you get Little Jackie, the creation of genre-defying singer-songwriter Imani Coppola and programmer Adam Pallin. With a nod to the soulful Motown rhythms of the past and a sneer to many of the social and cultural issues that consume the public today, Coppola has crafted an album of musical sugar and spice, filled with sweet, saccharine-tinged melodies and spicy, bold commentaries.
This was one of those song-of-the-day-hit-the-repeat-and-let-it-fly-for-hours songs. This is my kind of women's empowerment ish. "There's only one me in the galaxy/ I. am. an. endangered species/ This kind of flower don't grow on Earth / Just lettin' you know for what it's worth." Yesiree. Check out their other songs, especially "The Stoop." This is the kind of music you want to play over the speakers while at the pool with your people. It seems like the vocalist - producer/DJ combo a la Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse is a combo that leads to success.

Adele - Chasing Pavement

Y'all know I love me some British sangers (p.s. please tell me you've heard Warwick Avenue on the radio from Duffy: <3) but this video was strikingly personal, imaginative and detail oriented. This is the kind of music that inspires and keeps me in love with a dance outside of hip-hop.

(top 4 from Producto Di-gestivo visit there if you want more
old Snoop, Eazy-E, Scarface + more)
By request:

"The critical bridge between vision and execution is patience."

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