Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I must admit it helped a little bit...

Ms. Sullivan dropped a new video for her single, "Bust Your Windows." As this blog is a model of my self and all its different glorious facets I thought it appropriate to post up a song that I've rocked harder than most since I heard it despite the fact that I try to abstain from that post-every-new-video-for-filler blog format. Jazmine looks different every time I see her but nonetheless its such a refreshing concept - yeah I said refreshing. We all gotta deal with that trash and those plain people with no aspirations or motivations other than to bring everyone down with them. Might as well bust some windows to relieve the stress on your way to rising above - right? Her album is absolutely fierce from beginning to end (minus "Switch" I don't know what's going on there...) - go out and cop.

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