Monday, June 16, 2008

in the middle we stay calm, we just drop bombs

So life in Corporate America is lavish but a bit hectic for a summer blogger. You know you made it (for however briefly) when your new apartment and your latest room at the Hilton have the same shower curtain. I check my Google Reader (read: RSS Feeds) like once every few days and the last few times I've had "1000+" new items and therfore new music will be sparse for a while. However, life is grand and I'm so blessed and highly favored that nothing else even matters. I hope everybody with a daddy gave them a hug on Father's Day as 24 million children grow up in America without fathers. In a belated honor of Father's Day I'm going to paste a few passages from an article by Ben Stein from a few weeks ago in the paper because I know y'all don't click on all my links and this is important...

"I picture our kids bravely taking moral stands on global warming and the polar bears, refusing to “sell out,” get a job or learn anything useful. I think of what I could write to them about their parents’ work. I would start with a short phrase from Hart Crane, the genius poet.

“O, brilliant kids, I was a fool just like you. I was in my mid-40s before I properly thanked my father for his decades of hard work — paying for me to laze around in the cars he bought me, to get drunk in the frat house whose dues he paid, to spend the afternoons with my girlfriends looking at trees and rivers while Pop worked and got so anxious that he took up smoking three packs of Kents a day.

“O, brilliant kids, you get to put on the garments of the morally righteous and upstanding while your parents work — because mothers work now and always have worked — and your parents must say, ‘Yes, sir,’ or ‘No, sir,’ to those who hire them. O, golden children, you get to talk about how you’ll never ‘sell out,’ and meanwhile your parents stay up late in torment, thinking of how they can pay your tuition. Because, brilliant kids, work (business) involves exhaustion and eating humble pie and going on even when you think you can’t. And you are the beneficiaries of it in your gilded youth.

“Be smarter than Ben Stein ever was. Be a better person than I ever was. Right now, today, thank your parents for working to support you. Don’t act as if it’s the divine right of students. Get right up in their faces and say, ‘Thank you for what you do so I can live like this.’ Say something. Say it, so that when they’re at O’Hare or Dallas-Fort Worth and they’ve just learned that their flight is canceled and they’ll have to stay overnight at the airport, they will know you appreciate them.

“Get it in your heads that if you throw away your moral duties to your parents, you are thieves. You were born on third base and your parents put you there, and you think you hit a triple. It’s not true. It’s time to give back.

“ `Attention must be paid,’ as Arthur Miller said. So start now, and make it a habit to be grateful to your parents. Say you’re grateful and mean it. Do it now, however young or old you are. Do it on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, every day.”

How I wish I had done more of it. Now it’s too late — but it’s never too early."

I was going to insert a couple of Oukast videos *here* but Sony/BMG has the embedding game on lock. So please visit my affiliate's site:

Softly as if I played piano in the dark

Found a way to channel my anger not to embark

The world's a stage and everybody's got to play their part

God works in mysterious ways so when he starts

the job of speakin through us

we be so sincere with this here

No drugs or alcohol so I can get the signal clear as day

Put my glock away I got a stronger weapon

that never runs out of ammunition

so I'm ready for war okay


And I replied that I had been goin through the same thing that he had

True I got more fans than the average man

but not enough loot to last me

to the end of the week, I live by the beat

like you live check to check

If you don't move yo' foot then I don't eat,

so we like neck to neck

Yes we done come a long way like them Slim ass cigarettes

from Virginia, this ain't gon stop so we just gonna continue

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